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Protect Your Privacy

The OFF Pocket is a phone case that blocks all wireless signals from entering and exiting the case.

To use the OFF Pocket simply place your phone inside the case and close it. Your phone is now OFF the network.

The OFF Pocket has been extensively tested on all major networks, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. It is compatible with all mobile phone hardware including but not limited to iPhones, Android, Blackberrys, Nokia as well as all modern phone operating systems.

Key Features

  • Attenuates > 100dB
  • Flexible, ultralight, and ideal for traveling
  • Eliminates guesswork of DIY solutions
  • Available in 2 sizes (Size A and Size B)

Product Preview

The first OFF Pocket design was introduced by Adam Harvey at the Stealth Wear exhibition in London presented by Primitive London at TANK Magazine HQ.
Due to the initial limited production run of the OFF Pocket all items have been sold out.
Product Prototype
Product Prototype #1

Edition N0 1

Project 02

The launch of the first OFF Pocket at the Stealth Wear exhibition received extensive worldwide coverage.

Project 03
Stealth Wear Exhibition

Introduction of the OFF Pocket at the Stealth Wear Exhibition in London



Shipping for the holidays


OFF Pocket ecommerce schedule to launch for November 15


October was a slower month while Adam was away in Vienna. PRVCM interns took over as Johanna departed the project.

Oct. 1: Production sample approved and production officially begins.

Oct. 15: Issues with labels delaying production

Oct. 25: New packaging vendor. Working to reduce waste by using more recyclable materials.

Oct. 31: New labels arrived.




Aug 2: And we're live! The OFF Pocket is on KickStarter

Aug 3: In the first 24 hours we raised over $8,500. Big thanks to our backers. The early bird specials at $75 we're all sold in the first 3 hours! There are still plenty more great rewards left. We've included items from the Stealth Wear exhibition in London (where the OFF Pocket first launched) in our rewards and there are plenty of OFF Pockets still available.


Still preparing for KickStarter, planning manufacturing, sourcing materials, and creating rewards for our backers.


Preparing for our July Kickstarter launch. Stay tuned.

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OFF Pocket identified as top tech trend on Business Insider interview with Jan Chipchase


All orders fulfilled. We spent April designing, prototyping, testing, and sourcing materials.


OFF Pocket featured in Discovery Channel Documentary about Stealth Wear

In production for the first limited run of OFF Pockets. Made in NYC.

1st run of OFF Pockets sold out.


The first production run of OFF Pockets go up for sale on Primitive London's ecommerce site

Read about the great press coverage of Stealth Wear


The OFF Pocket was first introduced in London at the opening exhibition of Stealth Wear at TANK Magazine HQ. Presented by Primitive London

The OFF Pocket concept was first developed in 2011 as a reponse to the lack of control over mobile phone tracking.


Commonly asked questions about the OFF Pocket
  • How does it work?
    • The OFF Pocket is a shield between your phone and radio signals. The metal-plated fabrics reflect radio signals. The concept is similar to a faraday cage in that the inside of the case has zero signals. However, the OFF Pocket is slightly different because it's a reflective shield.
  • What is the difference between the OFF Pocket and airplane mode?
    • Airplane mode works great in certain situations, but is software and hardware dependent. The OFF Pocket is software and hardware agnostic, meaning it does not matter which OS or phone you use, the OFF Pocket is compatible with all mobile phones so long as they properly fit inside. If you change carriers or switch phones, the OFF Pocket works equally well.
  • Why not turn off my phone?
    • Turning off and on a smartphone can take over 40 seconds. It's inconvenient. As a result many people never turn off their smart phone, allowing it to transmit bits of data all throughout the day and night. As phone hardware and operating systems become more advanced, it's likely that the electronics inside never fully turn off, giving an opportunity for programs like Carrier IQ to continue logging data and tracking user locations.
  • Will it damage my phone or affect my service?
    • No. The OFF Pocket does no damage to a phone. Service is resumed when the phone is taken out of the case, just as it does when entering or exiting areas where there is no reception.
  • Does it affect battery life?
    • Some phones will see an improvement in battery life since the phone is not transmitting data, while others may see a decrease in battery life because the phone continuously searches for signals. Performance is dependent on your phone's operating system. Initial tests with an iPhone have shown an improvement in battery performance. More tests will be published.
  • How much will it cost?
  • What about removing the battery?
    • Not all phones have a removable battery.
  • What about putting your phone in the fridge?
    • This technique was used by Edward Snowden.It can offer limited shielding from phone signals and audio. The OFF Pocket provides more RF shielding and is recommended for blocking electronic eavesdropping.

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The Story

The OFF Pocket began as experiment in 2011. I wanted more control over my phone and more privacy. The first OFF Pocket was designed as a back-pocket in a pair of pants. I wore the pants often and they worked. But, I needed a way to make it more accessible. So I just made a standalone pocket, and called it the OFF Pocket.

In 2011 and 2012 I worked with friends to sew several prototypes and by the end of 2012 had several functioning phone case prototype. I began to give offer them to friends for user testing and to learn how they held up to wear and tear. Over the course of 2012 I had about a half-dozen OFF Pockets floating around NYC.

Towards the end of 2012 I teamed up with fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield to develop a new prototype for the Stealth Wear exhibition in London in 2013. Together we iterated through dozens of new designs and came out with the first version of the OFF Pocket in January of 2013. It was well received and the limited supply of a dozen sold out quickly. We both decided that this project would be a great fit for Kickstarter.

During the next 6 months, we developed the first commercially available version of the OFF Pocket and, together we launched the product in August, 2013.

Adam Harvey is a designer whose work in privacy and countersurveillance includes anti-drone fashion and camouflage from face detection. His projects have earned a Core77 design award, a Webby Nomination, a commission grant from, and received widespread press coverage including interviews with the BBC, The Guardian, Wired, Air Force Times, Reuters, Scientific American, VICE, and Dazed and Confused.



The first OFF Pocket was designed in collaboration with NYC-based fashion designer Johanna Bloomfield.

New Collaborations

The OFF Pocket project collaborates with other artists and designers to develop custom, limited-edition versions. Contact us for more information. Sign up for the product announcement newsletter here to hear about new collaborations.

Project Credits



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